Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring is Back!

Spring is finally here again!  So instead of wearing the same old dark colors try wearing something brighter, like a shade of blue, pink, or yellow.  I was on Claire's website the other day and they have the cutest spring collection!

They have cute "Flower Power" rings and bracelets and adorable blue and white polka dot skirts!  They even have a "Cool Cowgirl" style of dresses and hats.  I have personally taken out all of my spring colors of jewelry and nail polish.

Nail polish time!  Nail Polish is like a complementing contour to your style and outfit.  I love Claire's neon colors.  They have blue, pink, green, orange, yellow.  I love neon for the spring and summer.  It always brightens up my day to look down and see neon nail polish!

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Stippling Brush

Hello Bloggers!

I made this post to bring your awareness to stippling brushes!  Lots of women all over the US use stippling brushes.  I personally do not own a stippling brush.  I actually am going to purchase one soon.  So what are stippling brushes for?  You use them when you want a more natural looking foundation.  But you have to be careful buying and choosing the right one.  If you buy something expensive chances are you aren't going to have lots of money left over.  But by buying the right one online, or even at a drugstore you can purchase the right one.  Stippling Brushes are extremely expensive online, I would not buy an online deal for  brushes.  Especially online Amazon.  They may be used and the seller is lying about how it "brand new" because they might have not liked the brush.

If I were to purchase a brush I would buy mine from CVS.  So my little readers please, don't waste your cash on some brush that wouldn't be worth it!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vitamin B Skin Care


Again I'd like to let you in on yet another skin care secret.  Vitamin B.  Vitamin B is a vitamin that strengthens your hair, nails, and skin.  I take Vitamin B every day.  You can pick it up at your drug store.  I got mine at CVS pharmacy.  It was a little expensive but it is worth it.  My skin has gotten so much more soft, and it isn't oily anymore.  I got mine for about 8.00$.  It is worth it though.

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Skin Care Products

Hello my little readers!

I am kind of a freak about my skin care.  First of all because if I don't use at least two items of skin care products my skin gets patches of red blotchy zits.  EWWWWWW!  And second of all because I don't want gross clogged pores!

I use at the most 5 acne cremes or serums a day.  I don't usually use much more.  But my skin is much more clear than most people.  I like to pamper my skin to exhilarating facial washes, and clay/peel off masks.  I like taking care of my skin.  But the one product that is my far out FAVORITE is...  aloe vera.
You can purchase aloe vera pretty much anywhere.  I love aloe vera.  Don't know what aloe vera is?  Let me explain...

Have you ever had a really bad sunburn and you had to go and buy "Aloe Cooling Gel" from your drug store?  The "Aloe Cooling Gel" is actually just aloe  vera with a higher percent of peroxide to help soothe the pain of sunburns.  So how does aloe penetrate into pores?  EASY!  If you use it at night after cleansing your skin, your pores are open and ready to be cleaned even more.  Aloe seeps into your pores helping whatever acne that would have come up, to subside.  Cool right?

I use aloe daily and you should too.  Another thing you should use is sunscreen.  It keep your skin from the sun and it helps you to have a lower chance of skin cancer.  Also it can reduce the chance of pre-mature wrinkles.

So keep aloe vera and sunscreen in your daily skin care cycle.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How does a pore get clogged?

Hey guys,

So I wanted to aware you of your acne problems (if you have any) with explaining how pores get clogged and cause acne.

When you apply foundation, powder, lotion, sunscreen, and blush every day it isn't good for your skin.  The grease from all of the makeup and lotions you are using it penetrates into your pores and causes blackheads, whiteheads, and zits! YUCK!  But if you only use a small amount of your daily makeup will that help?

I like to use a small amount of foundation and powder ONLY when I have a breakout or my skin looks a little red and puffy.  But if my skin looks clean and awake then I don't use foundation, ect.  So my advice to you readers is, USE FOUNDATION AS AN EMERGENCY CREME ONLY!  Your pores will stay tight and un-clogged.

If you don't have acne then you are doing makeup the right way.  Take a look at the chart above.  Do you see all the blackheads on that young ladies nose?  The cause of it is probably what we just talked about.

Question Time!
PandaOreo102:  Well what products can I use to make my acne clear up but keep my skin clean not oily?

My answer:  Equate acne wash and lotion is really nice I use it myself and I love it! Another product is Clearasil Pore Cleansing Pads, talk about cleaning.

Nerdyw333:  What kind of sunblock should I use that WON'T clog my pores?

My Answer:  I use CopperTone Sport Faces, which doesn't clog my pores at all and it still protects me from the sun.

Clockedclik:  How can I make my own pore strips?

My Answer:  I actually have a post on the so you can scroll down and check that out!

Thanks for reading and keep on blogging!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Easy Make it Yourself Pore Strips

Lots of people know how to make pore strips from gelatin and milk, but it doesn't work for deep blackheads.  I have a cure that actually peels off the heads of the acne.  Here is your recipe:


Glue is tacky similar to the pore strips.  After steaming your face for 10 minutes, pat dry your skin.  Your pores are now ready for cleaning.  Take your finger and put a small dab of glue on the tip of your finger.  Then apply it in circular motion around your problem spot.  Wait about 15-20 minutes to dry.  Wait till it is completely dry.  Slowly peel off the strip of glue and watch how the pores are completely clean.  You may have small dryness or  redness from this but it'll go away in about an hour.

Once you are done pampering your pores, wash your face with a deep cleanser, your acne will go away in just days because the deep cleanser can clean your pores easier.

Well say hello to clean pores!