Thursday, November 10, 2011

7 Hair Extension Tips

I know hair extensions can be really hard to handle, between washing, drying, curling, flat ironing, and conditioning. Not to mention brushing them out everyday.  They are really hard to take care of.  One of my closest friends is playing Princess Jasmine in our local production of Aladdin.  But she has VERY short hair, and the costume girls really want it long like Jasmine's.  So Julz this is for you- Hope it helps!!!!

Tip #1-

When you go to buy them try to find the the cheapest human hair you can find. They are really inexpensive- and I notice that they seem to last longer then the expensive ones.  They are really cheap and easier to afford.

Tip #2-

Synthetic hair doesn't iron or wash well so don't but them if you are wanting to wash them daily and iron them a lot.

Tip #3-

When you are using an iron on the extensions and they are already attached to your heady- DO NOT PULL!  If you pull your hair follicle can become loose and fall out easily. + It really hurts.

Tip #4-

Try to brush them out before putting them in your hair. It will help reduce the pain of going through your scalp and the extensions.

Tip #5-

If you are applying the extensions in a strait line, use a comb to part it through the side of your head.  It is very easy to do. I f you are still lost check out this diagram below!

Tip #6-

Before you apply the extensions back comb your roots so the extensions have something to have as a base- Like so!

Just take the comb separate the piece of hair you want to apply it.  Then take the hairspray and spray in a solid line at the roots.  Then take the comb and go from half way up the hair and comb down.  This creates volume and extensive lift.

Tip #7-

Hair is your best friend when it comes to extensions, don't be afraid to use a lot.  When I clip in my extensions I really make sure they are hair sprayed in place so they don't fall out when you move around.

  Those are all the tips, I hope that it helps big time!

                 -The Beauty Detective :)