Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer is FINALLY Here!

  I love summer weather, especially when I get to go to my Grandparents house and swim in their pool!  I love to swim, just either to cool off, or maybe just to lounge around and tan.  But tanning isn't always good for your skin.  So, I am going to show you an easy way to tan and make your skin glow instead of burn!

1) Pick an OIL FREE suntan lotion, or something from a skin care line such as Aveeno, Nuetrogena, or Proactive!

2) Watch how many hours of the outdoors you get, and always carry your sunscreen around just incase you need to re- loob!

3) Wear sunglasses to guard your eyes from the sun!

4) If you want a natural glow instead of a "Fake Bake" look, try a light bronzer with some shimmer for more of a natural fake tan.

5)  In the summer your skin gets sticky and sweaty so make sure to clean yourself up before bed, because your body mainly works at night!  You'll wake up refreshed and ready for fun in the sun!

So these 5 rules will help you to beautify yourself without harming your skin!

         Love ya!