Friday, March 4, 2011

Stippling Brush

Hello Bloggers!

I made this post to bring your awareness to stippling brushes!  Lots of women all over the US use stippling brushes.  I personally do not own a stippling brush.  I actually am going to purchase one soon.  So what are stippling brushes for?  You use them when you want a more natural looking foundation.  But you have to be careful buying and choosing the right one.  If you buy something expensive chances are you aren't going to have lots of money left over.  But by buying the right one online, or even at a drugstore you can purchase the right one.  Stippling Brushes are extremely expensive online, I would not buy an online deal for  brushes.  Especially online Amazon.  They may be used and the seller is lying about how it "brand new" because they might have not liked the brush.

If I were to purchase a brush I would buy mine from CVS.  So my little readers please, don't waste your cash on some brush that wouldn't be worth it!

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          -The Beauty Detective

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