Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Puffy Eyes?

I know that when my allergies kick into gear there is no stopping them.  I like to say good bye to puffy eyes with this trick!  Try it out, it only takes a little bit of time, and it doesn't cost any money!

Lets get started with the items you'll need!

2 spoons!

Your Fridge!
Your Tired, Puffy Eyes!

Okay so first put your 2 clean spoons into your fridge,
     leave them in the fridge for about 5 or 6 minutes!  Then take them out and gently place them on your eyes!  Leave them on your eyes for about 10 minutes and your eyes should feel refreshed and cool!  And they should look really nice, and re-hydrated!  So try it out! :)

Let's talk about why it makes the puffy and swollen eyes go down!  I always have an explanation!

When your body has access water retention ,
It causes puffy, swollen, tired eyes!
   When you have allergies, or what ever your cause may be your body retains water and may make parts of the body swollen such as your ankles, eyebrow area, cheek bones, and eyes puffy.  And it mainly shows out in the eyes because your eye area is the thinest skin in your body!

Why not a mask?

        Most of my readers ask "Why can't we use any masks that can help our eyes become less puffed, and wrinkled?"  Well readers, that is because your skin on your eyes are ULTRA delicate, and might become wrinkled easily.  So ask your dermatologist before putting ANYTHING on your eyes.

Icy Eye Drops
    And if you want extra hydration try using Rota-V's Icy Eye Drops, it will help reduce swelling and make the whites of your eyes whiter!

Or use a repairing eye serum!
    Or if you want external repairing, try something like a serum that can help reduce wrinkles!  Clinique creams and serums have extra-hydration boosts that will help the elasticity stay for a longer amount of time!  

      Until next time!

                -The Beauty Detective