Thursday, March 3, 2011

Skin Care Products

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I am kind of a freak about my skin care.  First of all because if I don't use at least two items of skin care products my skin gets patches of red blotchy zits.  EWWWWWW!  And second of all because I don't want gross clogged pores!

I use at the most 5 acne cremes or serums a day.  I don't usually use much more.  But my skin is much more clear than most people.  I like to pamper my skin to exhilarating facial washes, and clay/peel off masks.  I like taking care of my skin.  But the one product that is my far out FAVORITE is...  aloe vera.
You can purchase aloe vera pretty much anywhere.  I love aloe vera.  Don't know what aloe vera is?  Let me explain...

Have you ever had a really bad sunburn and you had to go and buy "Aloe Cooling Gel" from your drug store?  The "Aloe Cooling Gel" is actually just aloe  vera with a higher percent of peroxide to help soothe the pain of sunburns.  So how does aloe penetrate into pores?  EASY!  If you use it at night after cleansing your skin, your pores are open and ready to be cleaned even more.  Aloe seeps into your pores helping whatever acne that would have come up, to subside.  Cool right?

I use aloe daily and you should too.  Another thing you should use is sunscreen.  It keep your skin from the sun and it helps you to have a lower chance of skin cancer.  Also it can reduce the chance of pre-mature wrinkles.

So keep aloe vera and sunscreen in your daily skin care cycle.

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