Saturday, June 11, 2011

"The Best Way to Say Hey"

Before I begin, this is in dedication to my very close friend, Lauren.  Lauren you rock!

Okay, the way to make a statement is to wear bright colors, and mess around with fun eye shadows.  Very Cute!

Okay I am going to show you how to look "out there" without being to much!

Let's begin!
First you will need these colors of eye shadow:

Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, and Yellow.

You also might need these (optional):

Eye lash curler, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, eye primer.

I recommend you using whatever you feel comfortable with, depending on your age.

Okay let's jump into it!

First use vaseline to remove any stuck on makeup before applying.  Then use any soap to wash your face.  Pat dry your skin, then wash your hands.

First use the yellow, put it on the inside right corner of your eye.   Then with a clean finger use pink in the center of your eye and move down wards.  Purple is next! Use it as a crease line. and finally blue and green under your lower lash line.

OPTIONAL! Then curl your lashes.  Use a blue, or green eyeliner and line either your water line, or your lower lash line.  Apply mascara and walla!

Now if you came up with this:
You might need to try again.  Like I said, don't be to much or it gives the wrong idea, and plus it just look weird!

Signing Off!
 -The Beauty Detective

P.S. Thanks for reading Lauren! xoxo <3 :) XD

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What are these Pimples Under my Eyes?


As you can see from the title, all girls and guys get pimple under their eyes, but they aren't pimples.  Then what are the cause of these pimples?  To much oil of course!

The oil glands under your eyes don't function as well as on your face, body, ect.  So when the oil clogs up it produces little "Seed oils".  Then what is the way to extract them?  I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU!

1st)  You are going to need to be gentle, don't rush it, or you could hurt you skin.
2nd)  Use a tooth brush with soft bristles!
3rd)  Use an eye creme or vaseline after using this treatment.


Okay begin with a clean washed face. When you wash your face, wash it in warm water, it will open your pores and clear out gunk!

Then using the soft bristle tooth brush rub back and fourth under the delicate eye area.  But be careful!
Then, wash your under eye area with an "Anti-Bacterial Facial Wash".  Use vaseline under the eye area or whatever eye creme underneath the eye area.  DO NOT USE THIS EVERY DAY!  Only use it twice a month or once a month.

       -The Beauty Detective *