Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Easy Make it Yourself Pore Strips

Lots of people know how to make pore strips from gelatin and milk, but it doesn't work for deep blackheads.  I have a cure that actually peels off the heads of the acne.  Here is your recipe:


Glue is tacky similar to the pore strips.  After steaming your face for 10 minutes, pat dry your skin.  Your pores are now ready for cleaning.  Take your finger and put a small dab of glue on the tip of your finger.  Then apply it in circular motion around your problem spot.  Wait about 15-20 minutes to dry.  Wait till it is completely dry.  Slowly peel off the strip of glue and watch how the pores are completely clean.  You may have small dryness or  redness from this but it'll go away in about an hour.

Once you are done pampering your pores, wash your face with a deep cleanser, your acne will go away in just days because the deep cleanser can clean your pores easier.

Well say hello to clean pores!

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