Friday, November 4, 2011

Scarves- Playing them Up

Scarves are a great statement piece and I wear them all the time... Especially when it gets cold outside.  Now that it is November I wanted to show you guys how to fold your scarves different ways, play them up with pins, and necklaces.  So let's begin shall we?

#1 Tie-

Take either a silk or cotton scarf and loop it around one of the handles on you purse, it is cute and adds a little bit of flair to your dull bag.

#2 Tie-

Loop your scarf around once, then take the ends and twist, twist, twist!  Then not the two together and tie them around the back of your neck.  This is a little hard, but with lots of practice it'll look FANTASTIC!

#3 Tie-

Take the scarf, and bring it around your neck.  It should look like the third picture.  Now tie the two remaining ends into a not.  This will look very good with a button down jacket or maybe a winter jacket.                  

Tip #1-

I found this on an online blog.  Okay, use 2 scarves for more warmth and style with both colors, and textures.  Find a place to put your scarf around the back of your neck.  Make sure it is comfy, and cozy!  Okay so now take the ends of both of them and pin them together on the left side (your right side shoulder) and 1 pin of your right side (your left side shoulder).

Tip #2-

Or cross both of the untied ends and pin it in the center of both.  Connecting them and making a really cute statement.

Tip #3-

Or just do a simple tie, nothing fancy, but play it up with some cute pins and buttons.  It creates that miss matched feel!  It'll look great, adorable and sweet!

So I hope that this post was a help to all of you, and it cleared up some stuff that was confusing. 

Enjoy everyone!

      -The Beauty Detective *

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