Friday, November 4, 2011

Avon Products Review

Now, people have used Avon forever, since ' Abe Licoln ' (Im just kidding!!!).  Anyway, they have such good products and such clean gentle products, nothing harsh, and almost all of there products has worked for me in the past.  Let's review!!!!

I love there quads, they sell quiet a lot and they smooth on really well, they are super pigmented so they last a super long time, and they are really beautiful on any eyes!

This is the same product, just a close up.  The quads contain 4 eye shadows of course and they all match.

This is they're "God Given" mineral powder.  They are smooth and don't clog pores.  My Mother uses them and she is getting some wrinkles, not a ton but some. And she likes them, most older women can't use too much shimmer on there eyes because it brings way to much attention to them.

She uses the Avon Kabuki brush to apply them and it has soft bristles so your face don't get to much buff.

And my favorite is there Intense Lip Glazes, They add just enough glaze but not too much.  They are also super pigmented so they last a very long time.

And last but not least, the beautiful ultra color rich lip ticks.  They are very pigmented and they last a very long time.  They are really nice on.  So try them out!

 Enjoy Guys!

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