Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween Fun! Series- Part 1

I know that Halloween is sneaking up on us and that we probably should be prepared because this halloween is going to be stinking crazy fun!  BECAUSE....

I have a new eyeshadow look for ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know how everyone always doesn't want to look to forward at school the day of or the day before Halloween, because A.) They are to scared everyone will look at them or B.) They don't want to cause it takes to long,   so I have come up with this very easy look that is super fun and only takes a very little bit!

1st things you need to do is prime your eyes, because this is lots of shadow and you don't want to sweat it off in Gym, so prime those lids baby!

Now You have 2 choices, either use green or neon orange eye shadow on your entire lid!

Okay now use some pink for the crease and some purple for the lash line and you should have some bright neon fun colors!

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