Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Q-A With The Beauty Detective!


Hi Detective,
I have acne on my back, how can I reduce this problem?

Hey B-acne,
I know how you feel, I have had this happen to me too!  You can get rid of back acne by washing your hair and applying less conditioner BEFORE you wash your back... or use a hair pin in the shower after you have washed your hair to keep the conditioner that is good for your hair but bad for your skin off.  Or use any kind of scrublet with anti-acne wash on your back and shoulders.  Hope this helps!

Hello, I am just starting to use makeup and I don't know where to start.  Should I go heavy or light?
                   -Don't know where to start

Hey Don't know where to start,
try to go light in the first months of your makeup, no eyeshadows or heavy eyeliner.  Your friends will notice a small difference but not to much.  Then go ahead and start using whatever you want.  I have seen so many girls go fast into they're makeup and then it looks like clown wear.  So be careful and read all my blog posts to know about anything else!

My friends have always been able to wear skinny jeans that are like paint on skin.  My Mother won't let me wear that type of jean because it reveals so much!  How can I wear skinny jeans that will agree with my Mother?
                       -No skinny jean

Dear No Skinny Jean,

Instead of going into skinny jeans and ruining your relationship with Mom, try to wear slim boot cut jeans.  They aren't skinny jeans but they aren't flair or loose jeans.  Plus you shouldn't be intimidated by your "friends" if they are intimidating you then they are not your real friends.  So take my advice :)

Hi Beauty Detective,

I don't like using pore strips but my friends always use them at sleep overs, and everytime I use one it is too lowded... How can I get rid of this problem...???        

Hi Pore strip breakdown,
  Try using an anti acne pad or skin serum to reduce blackheads, so your friends won't get grossed out!!!!



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