Sunday, September 25, 2011

Strong Eye Brows!

I know, I know  I shouldn't be the one talking about strong brows because I have such thin brows, but everyone has they're reasons for the way they have things organized, and the reason I have my brows so thin is because I have big eyes that are dying for attention so I like to frame my face with thin brows.

Anyway, putting my life aside, Thick brows are very "IN" right now, now let's get down to the very grid of why strong eye brows are in right now.... shall we????????????????????

Elizabeth's strong eyebrows go great with her dark hair!
The very root of strong brows is the one and only beauty queen Miss Elizabeth Taylor, she had the prettiest features and was very known for her "natural" looking face.  Especially with her brows, lets see a picture of "Liz" shall we??//

Okay, so she has large eyebrows in width and length and shape, why? Because it frames her face.  Elizabeth didn't have large eyes but she played up her eyes with her thick natural looking groomed brows!

She also has a long slender nose which helps open up her eyes.

So if you have thin brows but want to get them nice and thick, let them grow out or fill them in with brow powder like this!

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