Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Queen Helen's Peel Off Mask

This sounds very gross but it is so fun!  You take the peel off mask and apply it to your skin.  Then after ten minutes or more you take the edges of the mask and gently peel off all of the impurities.  You can look at what was on your skin on the rims of the mask.

After using this mask my skin was so clean and refreshed it was amazing.  But be careful, like I said in the previous posts, if you are younger than 13 ask your parents to help you.  You don't want these chemicals to get in your eyes!

You can purchase this mask pretty much anywhere.  It is super affordable and if it isn't shop somewhere else cause you can get it very cheep at most places.

Have a good refreshing time with your mask!

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       -The Beauty Detective

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