Sunday, March 13, 2011

Black Heads?

Well the title basically says it all.  Black heads are really, really hard to get rid of.  But if you use the right products!  Well some people have really bad black heads due to cleaning once or twice a week.  But if you don't wash and use pore cleansing pads or some other kind of acne treatment you will break out because of dirt and oil build up.  Like I said in my first and second posts, black heads are oil, grease, and dirt built up in little mounds.

To get rid of black heads use pore cleansing pads every night because your body works the most at night so your skin will get cleaned even more.  And also do NOT use any bar soap such as Dove, Irish Spring, or just an off brand of dollar store bar soap.  You should use facial cleansers because they get down deep into pores right at the head of the problem.

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