Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Adorable Nails

Instead of just painting your nails spooky for the day of Halloween, try filling the whole month of October with spooky nail art!  I like to!  And it will get all your friends into it.  Now, I am not one who L-O-V-E-S too spooky nails that have creepy pictures of zombies.  For my nails I like to wear something cute, but spooky.

I like this nail art design because it is very spooky, and it looks like you spent hours on them but really they only take a few minutes per nail.  And they are very cute and easy, search on Youtube.com for more details on how you can do this unique art design!

I like this nail art design because it has 1 nail that is different from all the others, it draws attention to your nails!  And it gives a nice pop of color up against the black!  Again, for more info on how to do this cutie look, go to www.Youtube.com and search for Pumpking Halloween nails.  Something will come up!

This is my favorite thing to do, it looks complicated but it only consists of having time on your hands, a nail brush, and a few colors.  It gives that easy and casual costume feel!  It is super fun and cute!

And last but not least this spooky nail art design brings Halloween into this month.  It is spooky, fun and easy shmeezy!

For details or instruction go to:

and search for what nail design you desire!

         Happy Halloween..... BOOOOOO! Yikes I scared you didn't I! Haha!

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