Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Good Night's Sleep

I know that lots of you teens and adults that read my blogs may be night owls but I personally, LOVE a good night sleep.  Did you know that just 7 hours of sleep a night may just very well be what you need?  I t helps your body repair what you need to repair.  Let me explain:

Even Hello Kitty Needs Her Sleep
                            When you get 6-8 hours of sleep your body has plenty of time to rest itself and clean all germs and things that may harm you.  To start getting a good bed time, try to slowly turn in early.  If you stay up until 12:00 PM then you should "Hit the Hay" maybe about 11:30 PM then slowly turn in at 10:00 then balance it to a steady 9:00 PM.  Your Body needs time to rest and repair itself.

                   You should not waste the money on 5 Hour Energy Drinks, they only last up to an hour, and screw up your digestive system.  It doesn't matter if it will keep you up for an hour or two, you should get NATURAL rest not PLANNED Energy.  So get some Natural Shut eye instead of fakey energy that only lasts for so long, while natural energy lasts all day.

        If you get tired in the middle of the day, try drinking some Vitamin Water, because you are drinking Vitamins that help regulate your digestive system it will last longer than a 5 hour energy drink which can mess up digestion and isn't good for an upset stomach, because it has a ton of sugar.  Vitamin water is all natural, Very Powerful, and worth buying.  It will keep you up up and away!

GO GET SOME SHUT EYE!!!!! I know I am, Good Night Readers!

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