Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Improve Split Ends

I know that lots of girls and women, and even men can get split ends.  It is no fun when you look at your beautiful lushes hair and find that you have thousands of split ends just waiting to be re-nourished.  You can purchase so many expensive products that usually do not do anything besides coat the split ends that comes off every wash.  I have finally found a wonderful product that works on any hair type.  Personally I have naturally curly hair that is frizzy and never lays flat in any way.  So when I style the curls it dries out my ends, but my Mother found an awesome hair product that has worked and cleared up 92% of my split ends.  Ready for the product?????  DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... (Imaginary drum roll!)...

Nexxus Pro-mend daily conditioner!  It has cleared up so many split ends, that I have almost no split ends.  It is a huge favorite!  Try it out and comment below with YOUR results!  Let me know what you think!  Thanks!

              -Beauty Detective

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