Thursday, August 18, 2011

My July Favorites- Part 2

Now for the first cosmetic:

The glimmersticks in Avon.  It smoothes out really well, it doesn't smear or wrinkle, or crease.  It stays in place with light or dark coverage.

2nd Favorite Cosmetic is the Ultra Color Avon "Country Rose" lip stick.  It gives a nice light coverage, it has a bit of pigmented stain in it so it does stain lips, and it just works wonders!

3rd Favorite Cosmetic is the Avon Mascara Wash off Waterproof Mascara in Black!  It has always been a favorite of mine for SUCH a long time.  It washes off but it is water proof.  It is great!

4th Cosmetic is the Avon Natural Eye Shadow Quad!  It is Awesome the color last SUPER long it is shimmery and glittery but not over done.  Great coverage.  FANTASTIC!

That is the end of my July Favorites!  Love writing!  Bye!

        -The Beauty Detective!

P.S. This was in Dedication to my friend (who shall be nameless for safety reasons)  She is awesome and we e-mail so much!  Love ya **** ****** (her name is in those little *s').


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